Podcast: Pete O’Heeron – Regenerative medicine and treating chronic disease with FibroBiologics

Kicking off the first episode of Founders Keepers of 2023 is Pete O’Heeron – the Founder and CEO of FibroBiologics.

FibroBiologics is a clinical-stage regenerative medicine company based in Houston, Texas, developing a pipeline of treatments for chronic diseases using fibroblast cells. They hold over 150 US and international issued patents and patents pending across various clinical pathways, including disc degeneration, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, wound healing, reversing organ involution, and cancer.

Pete is a seasoned leader in his field with over 25 years of experience in medical technology and biotech development. Prior to founding FibroBiologics/FibroGenesis, LLC, he founded an operational investment group, Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC, that identified early-stage opportunities in the medical field with strong intellectual property potential. He also founded NeoSurg Technologies, sold to Cooper Surgical in 2006.

In this episode, we cover having a high tolerance for the word “no”, working without a proverbial safety net, and revolutionizing the regenerative medicine world.