FibroBiologics Launches Public Funding Campaign with

HOUSTON, January 31, 2023/PRNewswire/ – FibroBiologics, a clinical-stage company focused on the development of
fibroblast cell-based therapeutics for chronic diseases, today launched an online funding campaign with StartEngine, a
leading equity crowdfunding platform. Regulation Crowdfunding allows everyone to invest in securities issued by
startup companies, regardless of their net worth or income level.

The funding will be used to support the Company’s ongoing operations and advance clinical programs in multiple
sclerosis, degenerative disc disease, wound care, extension of life, and cancer.

“We’re excited to partner with StartEngine on this campaign. StartEngine has over 600,000 investors as part of their
community and has raised over half a billion dollars for its clients,” said FibroBiologics’ Founder and CEO, Pete
O’Heeron. “This is an exciting time at FibroBiologics as we continue progressing our clinical pipeline and developing
innovative therapies to treat chronic diseases. This new funding will fuel our growth in the lab and bring us one step
closer to commercialization.”

For more information, please visit FibroBiologics’ website or email FibroBiologics at To invest
in FibroBiologics, please go to the company’s campaign on StartEngine

About FibroBiologics
Based in Houston, FibroBiologics is a cell therapy, regenerative medicine company developing a pipeline of treatments
for chronic diseases using fibroblast cells. FibroBiologics holds 150+ US and internationally issued patents/patents
pending across various clinical pathways, including disc degeneration, orthopedics, multiple sclerosis, wound healing,
reversing organ involution, and cancer. FibroBiologics represents the next generation of medical advancement in cell
therapy. For more information, visit