Pete O'Heeron


Pete O’Heeron is one of the most preeminent biopharma inventors of his generation, with over 300+ patents issued and pending in the areas of biologics, cell therapy and medical devices.  Mr. O’Heeron is Chief Executive Officer of FibroBiologics and a seasoned leader in his field comprising over 25 years of experience in medical technology and biotech development. As CEO, he has positioned FibroBiologics to become a global leader in fibroblast-based cell therapies with the development and commercialization of therapies that can cure and treat patients suffering from chronic diseases. He brings together multi-disciplinary teams and resources necessary to commercialize unique technologies and currently holds 250+ Patents Issued/Pending.

Prior to founding FibroBiologics/FibroGenesis, LLC, he founded an operational investment group, Advanced Medical Technologies, LLC, that identified early-stage opportunities in the medical field with strong intellectual property potential. He also founded NeoSurg Technologies that developed the T2000 Minimally Invasive Access System. The sale of NeoSurg Technologies to Cooper Surgical occurred in 2006. 

He brings decades of executive-level experience at Christus Health Care Corporation and strategic advisory to healthcare companies in the areas of biologics, advanced surgical instrumentation, and telemedicine to his company along with an academic foundation rooted in healthcare administration. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration at Texas State University, his Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and his Executive Management Certification in Mergers and Acquisition from University of Chicago.